Now the book is also in ENGLISH!!!

Cartas, cuentos, cantos, juegos y poemas que te inspiran a recorrer los insondables caminos del Yoga.
Este material acompaña a grandes y chicos por la alegre travesía de permitir que la creatividad se manifieste de una forma diferente.
Yoga Bhajan; adorando la Unión, te invita a entonar las canciones, experimentar las posturas y viajar con los cuentos…

The Yoga Bhajan Set comes in an illustrated box containing:
Book of 144 pages.
Set of 47 cards prints in color.
CD with songs and guided meditation.

Cards, stories, songs, games and poems that inspire you to explore the profound depths of Yoga.

This material accompanies the old and young through the joyous journey of allowing creativity to manifest in all its forms.

Yogan Bhajan, adoration of Union, invites you to listen to the sounds of the Universe with the message of each card. Enjoy the yoga poses, resonate the songs, become the poems...

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